New Wacky Thing I Did When Checking My BG

May 17th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I did something yesterday that I’ve thankfully never ever done before when checking my blood sugar.

It was totally weird; almost like when I had that black dot on my finger for what felt like months.

I really hurt my finger!!

Not with the lancet, either.

No, I hurt myself when I was trying to get blood onto the strip!

I guess I squeezed and turned my fingers and hand just so, and I heard something pop, and I felt (omg ewww) gristle or something and it really HURT and now I have a bruise on my knuckle.

 I must have broken a blood vessel of some sort.  Geez.

A person shouldn't be able to do this to herself.

I hit the roof every time I wash my hands and try to dry them off with a towel.  It’s that sort of pressure and twist combination that really does it.  Ouch.

Now, please don’t say it must be because I’m older now after my birthday last week—that just isn’t fair.  I could have done this at any time and at any age.  I just haven’t ever done it before, and it hurt a lot so I’m hoping to never do it again!!

(You can, however, commend me on my massive strength.  Tee hee; that’s what my husband did!)

Of course, it was on one of my favorite fingers that I’ve probably used more than any other in my 23 years with type one. 

And, of course, I was checking in front of someone who had never seen me check my BG before.  So I was acting all brave when what I really wanted to do was hop around and whine like a six year old.

I do have favorite fingers to use to check, and here is probably my MOST favorite and I’m busy breaking it.  Sigh.

It was just so weird.

It’s a good thing I have nine others to use while I wait for it to piece itself back together.

Diabetes is weird.

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  1. Christine Shaffer says:

    Hi Amy,
    Don’t fret it, your not alone. I have done that several times and not when taking my blood either. It does hurt real bad. Did you ice it?
    Hope your ok.

  2. It was right before I had a bootcamp class and it didn’t occur to me to ice it until hours later. Next time I’ll know.
    It was just such a weird thing to do to myself!! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one– that helps.

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