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August 14th, 2012 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

In case you didn’t know… I’m a sucker for a medal.

An absolute sucker.

I will get up at 3am Florida time, stand around in 28 degree weather for an hour wearing a trash bag, and then run for four and a half hours including some of that through Animal Kingdom smells like you wouldn’t believe, slip on water that has frozen into ice on the ground at water stops, endure burning quad muscles for the last hour, and then stand around for another hour after I got to stop running in my sweaty clothes for one.

I’ll then turn around and sign up to do half of that all over again in southern California just to get a Super Coast to Coast Medal because I did them both in the same year.

I’ll run a 10k and have thirty seconds to change shoes and bib number before starting a 5k just to get one.

I’ll drive around with twelve people for three days I’ve never met before just to get one.

An absolute sucker.

But there is one, one very special medal, that I haven’t earned and can’t earn.


Yes, I’ve blogged about it before, and I’m certain I’ll do it again.  I am very much looking forward to this medal.

You guessed it!  It’s the Joslin 50 years with Type One Diabetes medal.


As close as I can get for now is the 25 year certificate.  Next year I’ll earn that one.  (That is 212 days, for those of me who is counting…)

Close enough for now.

Super excited.

Once I qualify for that certificate, I’m on my way to my medal.

I wonder what all will happen before I earn that beauty?

I can’t wait.

I should start shopping for a shadowbox or something for it now… it’ll take me forever to find just the perfect spot.

It’s way more important than any of my other medals.

I mean, I’ve earned them all, and I love them all in their individual ways, but this Joslin medal… woah.

Check it out.  You’ve got to send documentation and stuff, so get going on collecting and saving what you will need.  Certificates for anyone 25-49 years on insulin, then medals at 50 and 75 years.

I mean, haven’t we all said at one point or another that we deserve a medal for this? Thanks to Joslin for recognizing that, and us, and all we do.  This is fun!

:) Go after it!!

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  1. Yay! Go you!

    Your 25 year certificate will totally hold you over for the next 25 years. I love mine! :-)

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