Springtime Sunday Hike

March 28th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

11am Sunday

Going on a hike today with my husband!  I’m excited.  I’m counting it as a workout because I’ve been working my legs fairly hard the past couple of days so this will both work me and not feel like I’m working… what a combo!!

I know I always go low when I hike.  It’s weird.  No matter how often I hike, no matter how fast I hike or how steep the hills, I go low.  Totally wacky, since nearly everything else eventually has less and less of an effect on my blood glucose the more I do the activity. 

It doesn’t help that I still have some breakfast bolus on board.  I’ve cut my basal way down to 10% and I’m bringing extra food; beyond that I’ll just plan to check like always and pay attention.  I’m starting at 210 and expect with my basal cut way down, I’ll head up as my hike starts and I head down.  We’ll see!

 You can check out what the hike looked like on my Garmin: Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Untitled.


Fun 5 mile hike!  Not too strenuous, which was nice.  Gorgeous spring day.  Love those!!  My blood glucose was 130 at mile 4 and 110 after the fifth mile.  I felt a little guilty that I wasn’t one of the runners I passed, but I can handle that kind of guilt.  Now on for my post-hike sandwich!!!  Yum!!!

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  1. MaiaJane says:

    I have to cut my Basal down like that when I hike too!
    Glad I’m not the only one!

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