You Can Do This, Too!

March 21st, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

The IDEA Fitness Journal March 2011 has a little article about a trainer and successful client that caught my eye. 

The client lives in Maryland and at the age of 50, weighed 260 pounds in 2009.

Oh, yeah, and she has type one diabetes!

Working with her trainer, she lost 58 pounds in 18 months—practically perfect in every way, given a healthy weight loss rate of about a pound a week while she built lean muscle mass. 

She says that she used to need 125-150 units of insulin each day to manage her blood sugar and she now uses 18-20 units!  She had also been on numerous medications that she no longer needs.  (Since insulin moves not only carbohydrates from your bloodstream into your cells but also moves fat from your bloodstream into storage, the less insulin you need, the better.)

What a great story!

The best part, according to me, is not that she went from a size 20 to a size 10, but that she reports  now that “I have energy for all that I want to do.”

If THAT isn’t a success story, I don’t know what is!

As a trainer, I want everyone to have this same success.  Why let our overweight bodies tell us what we can and cannot do?  I’ve never let my diabetes tell me what I can or cannot do, and let me tell you, living with diabetes is waaaay more work than obesity.

As soon as I realized I was heading in the direction of letting my body determine what I could and could not be or do simply by being overweight, I wanted to change things and fix it.

And I did.

And so did this woman.

It worked for both of us and YOU CAN DO IT, too!  Sure, there will be some hurdles and things to figure out with your diabetes, but isn’t that true of every part of your life? 

I’m just so happy to see that someone else worked to make herself as healthy and fit as possible… and she got there like a champ!  Congratulations to her, and to everyone else who has achieved a similar feat with his or her body and his or her diabetes. 

It’s absolutely possible.

Go for it.

(And of course you know I’m here if you need support, guidance, knowledge and experience when it comes to physical fitness with diabetes.  Just ask!)

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