Yes or No?

April 8th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I went for a run last night after my afternoon D.O. it Bootcamp class.  Going out for 7 miles at 5:30pm was one of the last things I wanted to do right then, and knowing I had some tough hills ahead didn’t make it any easier!

It was really cold, and I only had a pair of shorts to run in.  I was very glad I had a long sleeved shirt and gloves if I wanted them.  But still: it was very windy, and just the thought of being out for an additional hour was just making me sad and tired!

So I puttered around for a few minutes, checking my voicemail and email.  Anything to put off my departure!

And then I realized I had puttered away 15 minutes, waiting around in the cold in my shorts.  That seemed pretty silly, so off I went.

I got to run downhill for about a mile, and then start the trek up my first hill.  I was running at a busy time for cars, in an area I needed to watch the sidewalks for cracks, so I was concentrating on being aware of my surroundings as I went.  I was happy gravity was helping me start my first mile.

After about 15 minutes, I was on my way up my first steep hill and suddenly it dawned on me: I never regret getting out there and DOING something. 

My run was still only a third of the way done and here I am getting all nostalgic over what running has brought to my life!

Great.  Maybe I should run by a friend’s house and ask for a tissue.

But in all seriousness, this is a very good thing for each of us to think about.  What are you going to let stand in your way?  What are you going to learn how to figure out so that you can keep going toward your goals?

I was lucky a number of years ago to work for a doctor who ended up being a friend as well.  I still remember the day he came out of an exam room after seeing an 85 year old woman.  I guess the two of them were discussing her life and he asked her if she was happy with what she had experienced over her eight and a half decades or if she had any regrets.  In response, she hit the arm of the chair and said “I wish I had said YES more!”

That lady and her saying that to her doctor has stayed with me ever since. 

I try to say YES to new experiences even if they scare me.  The way I see it, saying NO can be the scarier option.

It’s why I never regret getting out there: I’m saying YES.

What about you?

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