Random Annoyance of Living with Diabetes

April 7th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

So the last thing I ever want this blog to be is me complaining about my disease.  I’m not saying I don’t complain, and I’m not saying that complaining doesn’t have its place, but I just don’t think everyone else needs to read me complaining about living with diabetes and I don’t think I need to spend time spell-checking my complaints listed in paragraph form.  We all thankfully have a LOT more productive ways to spend our time.

That said, I do want this blog to be a place for people who live with the disease to feel like they are not alone, and I want this blog to open up a dialogue for those who do not themselves have diabetes and for them to have a window into what it is like some days to live with the disease.

So, today, I will point out my current random annoyance that I attribute directly to my diabetes. 

It is on my right index finger.

It is a little black dot.

It has been there for over a week.

Please make it go away. 

It is bugging me.

The little black dot is just a little bit of blood trapped under layers of skin/my fingerside callous from a blood check a few days ago.  It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t doing anyone any harm, it isn’t a signal of anything.  Just a little bit of old blood trapped under my skin.

But man, is it annoying.

Have I mentioned it’s black?

I’ve tried using my favorite “get rid of any hangnail or rough spot overnight” hand/foot cream and it hasn’t moved.  If I remove the skin covering the spot, it will hurt since the skin is still alive and it’s my right index finger.  So I just have to wait for it to go away on its own as my skin cycles up, out, and off.

At camp, the wise medical director told me once she knows immediately if a kid regularly checks their blood glucose because it’s dirty at camp and the little holes in fingers on dirty hands catch dirt, so you can see the holes if they check their blood glucose.  Smart.  (Smarter than my own doctors when I was a kid and teen, I assure you.)

So I never mind the little holes, since they tell me I’m doing a good job gathering data and managing my disease.

It’s just this black dot I mind.

Have I told you it’s been there over a week?

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