Fun Fitness Friday!

June 17th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Happy Friday!!  Let’s make today “Fun Fitness Friday”.  Walk at lunch, walk after dinner, play some backyard soccer while the veggies are roasting on the grill.  It doesn’t take much to make it Fun Fitness Friday… just a little imagination and a carefree attitude!!

Want to play some catch?  What about heading to your neighborhood park and snagging a stray tennis ball a player couldn’t find and start lobbing it against a wall or backboard?  If you’ve got a buddy, you throw they catch…

Want to breathe in some summer evening air?  Head out on a little bike ride around the neighborhood.  Take a look at a map before you go and try to make your route look like a star.

You know those houses in the ritzy neighborhood?  Take a quick trip to that neck of the woods and head out for a walk and check out the yards and houses.  Which one would you move into if you won the lottery?

Feeling overheated?  Head to the closest pool and see how long you can tread water… or how many times you can push yourself out of the pool and sit on the edge (turn right just as many times as you turn left to switch from your front to back sides).  If you’re a diver, have someone toss some coins to the bottom and clock how quickly you can gather them all.

Too hot to head outside?  (Is there such a temperature??) Take care of some active chores (Clean the bathroom! Vacuum! Laundry!) for 15 minutes and then spend 3 minutes on each: pushups, squats, sit ups or crunches, planks, and a wall sit.  Go for as long as you can, take a little rest, and get back to it within that 3 minute window.  (If you’re anything like me, the less I want to do something the more important that timer is.)

I’m not the best with fun ideas so please tell me what you think would be fun, and what you’re up to today!  Post it as a comment here or on facebook so we can inspire each other!

Play mini golf.  Go bowling.  Toss a Frisbee or football around.  Head out for a little hike.  No matter what you do, HAVE SOME FUN. 

It’s Friday, after all.  Fridays were made for fun!

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