Is Diabetes Getting the Best of You?

June 30th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Watching some of the “You Can Do This” videos this morning, someone said “diabetes isn’t going to get the best of me.”

And, although I understood what they meant, when I heard him say that I thought: MINE WILL.

I deserve my diabetes receiving the best of me as often as I can.

My best effort.

My best enthusiasm.

My best intelligence.

My best patience.

My best forgiveness.

My best discipline.

My best physical body.

The best technological tools.

The best medical professionals.

The best insulin for my body.

The best understanding and supportive friends.

My diabetes deserves MY BEST EFFORT.  It deserves that because I deserve that.

Doesn’t yours?

If you are concerned that you aren’t giving your diabetes the best you deserve, reach out and ask for help.  I’m here; and you are not alone with this.

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