When Do You Bend?

August 17th, 2012 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I’m trying a new infusion set today (this Mio thing is so teensy!).  It just reminds me how many different things I’ve tried with my diabetes—some have worked, some haven’t.  It’s personal preference, but I do think it is important to be open to new things.

I mean, I started out taking NPH and R in 100cc syringes twice daily.  If I hadn’t been open to trying new things, I’d still be there!  (True story; I met someone still on that regimen a few years back who had never heard of long acting and rapid acting insulin. Oy.)

People and companies are coming out with new diabetes things every day.  New tools, new gadgets, new approaches, new strategies.

These are all very good things, if one is willing to let go of a little control and try something new.

I remember hearing about this new-fangled insulin called Humalog.  H. I remember convincing my doctor I should try it out in my insulin pump.

I shake my head at the thought now (here sits this 19-20 year old who my doc should know doesn’t check her blood sugar and who has been on a pump for less than a year trying to get the doctor to prescribe something that works much differently than the standard used at the time…and she did it! She gave me the insulin! Yikes!), but really, it’s a very good thing to stay somewhat informed and willing to see what works for you. (I myself can’t stand reading something new about diabetes every day… it’s in my head enough as it is.)

Granted, I’m a very stubborn person who hates (H.A.T.E.S.) change, so why would I try to be flexible with my diabetes?  Doesn’t it work better if we all stick on a schedule and try to do the same thing at the same time every day?  (Scar tissue comes to mind as a good reason to switch things up…)

Well, because for me, my life works better if I have more flexibility than that.  I can’t stand eating the same thing for breakfast every day, much less lunch or dinner!  And with a husband who works different hours every day and different days every week, flexibility is sort of a must in my house.

And you never know what you might find out.  It’s important to interact with other people with diabetes and to talk about what works for everyone else.  We are all such Diabetes Detectives, why not share what we’ve learned works and doesn’t work.

Change your site locations. Use your arm, or your butt, or your hip or abdomen.  Don’t change your lancet until it hurts.  Change it every morning.  Try eating a GlucoLift tab, or a spoonful of honey.  Ask for sample infusion sets you’ve never used.  Talk to your doctor about the newest insulin and what is coming down the pike.  Pick up a diabetes magazine while you’re at it, and thumb through the ads at the back.

See what’s out there!  You never know what you’ll find.

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  1. Love this – and I agree, more options and flexibility is better.

    It sort of goes against my tendency to find a routine and stick with it, but new gadgets and attachments can add just enough excitement to boost motivation for a bit too, right?

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