Today’s Attempt to Combat My Dawn Phenomenon with Exercise

March 17th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I have a wacky schedule; most mornings I eat a snack before leading bootcamp and have breakfast after that. Then about 2 hours after breakfast, my blood glucose rises steadily through lunch. Frustrating. I have tried a bunch of different insulin options and food options, but none work 100%.

Today’s attempt is not one that I can repeat often, but I figured I’ll give it a shot anyway. I had breakfast an hour ago, my CGM says I’m 130 and on the way up. I haven’t changed any basals and was conservative with my breakfast bolus. My plan is to do an hour of full body weights (Tracey Staehle’s The Parts Series, Bootcamp Premix) and see if that helps keep me within range. The weight workout I have planned is not cardio intensive but is still sure to get my heart rate up, especially since I will be alternating between upper and lower body moves.

Okay; change of plans. I just checked; I’m 96. I have 2.8 units still active for my breakfast, so I am going to do a temporary basal. I’ll just do 30 minutes with that, taking 67% of my typical rate. I’m off!

Good work. I just checked; I’m 94 after my workout. My CGM said I was 129-130 the entire time, so at least my blood glucose levels weren’t swinging. I did eat about 8 jelly beans (maybe 12-15g CHO) about 10 minutes into the workout because I felt my heart rate rise and got nervous about going low.

So, it all seemed to work today. Put a check in the “win” column for today: not only did I get in a fairly good workout, I may have prevented a 250+ later. All good.

What works for you and your dawn phenomenon?

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