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May 7th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Conclusions from a 2009 study of more than 3,500 non-depressed adults living with type one and type two diabetes:  a lower propensity to reach out to others is associated with higher mortality* over 5 years.

The study categorized the subjects into two groups:  Patients with a greater propensity to seek support were classified as having an interactive relationship style and those less inclined to seek support as having an independent relationship style.  

I think the subjects with an interactive relationship style were better able to weather those typical storms we all face as we live our lives with diabetes because we know we aren’t alone, that others face the same storms, and that there are people and tools out there to help.

I feel sad for those with an independent relationship style and who are less inclined to seek support.  Diabetes is not a disease you should try to face alone

If you are a person with an interactive relationship style, maybe you have already joined online groups or attended different diabetes-related functions.  Better yet, maybe you know some other people who also live with diabetes. 

If you are a person with an independent relationship style, use the internet to read about the lives of others living with the disease, or use other more passive ways to get some support for yourself.  Look around the next time you see your doctor and see if there are any brochures of events you can attend.  Even signing up for a few blogs and reading them regularly can help. 

There is something about being able to answer “how are you?” with a blood glucose number and knowing the questioner really understands what that number feels like.  Something powerful and good.  You deserve that feeling in your life on a regular basis.

So what kind of person are you? 

*I hate these studies with conclusions that simply say “higher mortality”—we each have a 1:1 inescapable relationship with mortality.  Upon review of the study abstract, though, it qualifies the “higher mortality” by studying it over a span of five years.  I’m not sure how old the group was, but either way, let’s shoot to extend our mortality out as long as we can!  :)

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