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July 2nd, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Some of the best relaxing days I’ve spent have included a fair share of activity.  So I list some ideas to get you started being active outside the gym and in fun ways with others over the holiday weekend.  Some of these should work for you year-round, some might just be extra special holiday barbeque fun times.  Three-legged race, anyone? 

Go for a hike

Go for a swim

Go ride a bike

Go play catch

Play Frisbee

Take a walk

Take your dog for a walk

Take your friend’s dog for a walk

Take your friend for a walk

Climb over a picnic table without using your hands

Design and play a relay race with your friends

Design and play a relay race with your kids

Lie around in the sun (oh yes wearing sunscreen) and stand up without using your hands

Walk to the grocery store

Walk home from the grocery store (if it’s a big trip, have someone drive your load home while you meet them back at the house)

Play “horse” at the school playground basketball courts

Grab a tennis ball and throw it against your garage door for 10 minutes with your right hand and 10 minutes with your left hand (non-dominant hand should have you running all over the place!)

Don’t let anyone help you to your car with your groceries

Play tennis again, even if it’s just hitting serves across the net

Play tag

Have a water balloon fight

Play hide and seek after the sun has gone down and you’re waiting for fireworks to start

Make your own list!!  Take 10 minutes and write down as many ideas as you can.  Better yet, plan with your family by doing the same thing—10 minutes, everyone makes their own list.  Then choose some favorite ideas from each list and get moving!


(If you were hoping for a more diabetes-related post today, watch this video and start noodling on it.  I’m curious what everyone has to say on this!!!  They are discussing type one, even though they only say “diabetic” so I was curious for the first few minutes.

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