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July 9th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I’ve done my share of forgetting to bolus over the last 15 years I’ve been on the pump.  I remember forgetting to take shots every now and then, too.  I’ve found it much much easier to forget to take boluses though.

Even setting those pump alarm reminder things doesn’t help; I rarely see an alarm and fully process it anymore! 

But how, if you are a parent, do you help your kid remember to check and bolus and do all that stuff

I know you want to nag and plead and yell and scream and just basically communicate to your son or daughter how desperately you hate that they have to deal with diabetes at all, and how very much you so want to take it from them and place it on yourself instead. 

But that isn’t possible.  And I think what comes across to a kid is an entirely different message altogether.  One neither of you wants. 

Here is an idea that might work in your family.  Do you have other ideas?  Keep the lines of communication open and as worry-free as possible.  Make it about your son or daughter’s ability to grow up in a fun and smart way, and let diabetes take back seat every now and then.  A managed disease flows from a manageable mindset about what it all takes, and a lot of love and caring. 

Help your caring show through more than your concerns by frequenting places like  Although I don’t agree with everything they say and each message that they give across to parents of kids with diabetes, I think I need to step back off my soapbox and just get you the tools that will help you, and help your kid.

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