Fitting Fitness In—No Room for Excuses

July 21st, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

So this is a pretty simple task, overall, to get you fit.  Really!  You may need to stop hiding behind excuses, but after you have a nice chat with yourself, you’ve already accomplished the hardest part.

(Alright; a valid excuse may be your blood sugar… but that is a one-time excuse and not a pattern.  If it is a pattern, you can address that by making insulin or medication changes or by eating a different amount of food or at a different time.  I hope you don’t like using your diabetes as an excuse for much, so why should exercise be any different??  As much as you feel like you don’t have control over your disease, you always have control over whether or not you exercise.)

Excuses may include:

Not now.  Too light at night.  Too hot outside.  Too dark in the morning.  Too cramped inside.  Whatever it is, it sounds like an excuse!  Quiet that excuse, put on your shoes and get going. 

Or maybe: No time.  Too stressed.  Too busy at work/school/home.  You know what?  That excuse is always there… life is busy.  Living life is stressful.  But aren’t you stressing yourself out whenever you say to yourself “I wish I had exercised today?”  Even if you can only do a little bit some days, still do it.  You won’t regret it.

Another one: it’s too expensive.  Well, you know, exercise is just like nearly everything else: it CAN be expensive.  But then again, it can be free, too!  Exercise can be a trip to a hoity-toity gym that costs several hundred dollars a month, or it can be a trip through your neighborhood and pushups on the floor by your bed.  Exercise can also be a Netflix workout video, or an iTunes yoga freebie.  It can be a trip up the high school bleachers a few times, or a 15 minute session treading water in the backyard pool.  It can be playing tug o war with your dog, or tag with the kids in the neighborhood. 

Open your mind to new activities and redefine “exercise” and make it work for you in your life.  It’s easier than you think, once you clear away those excuses!!

(Yup, I looked up how to spell “hoity-toity”.  I love Google.)

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