Happy August!

August 2nd, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

For many of us, August is a bittersweet month since it begins in freedom filled summer and ends smack dab back in the classroom routine. 

So let’s make a promise to ourselves right now.  Let’s promise to get outside every day this month for a little fun and a little activity.  Every day.

We can report in on Facebook.  I’m not talking about doing a strenuous workout every day or anything—I’m talking about being outside for at least 6 minutes every day and not starting to count those 6 minutes until we’re standing up and moving. 

So I’m thinking playing fetch or tug with a dog, or walking after dinner, or shoot even walking after breakfast!  Something more than a walk from our car to the grocery store.

I know many of you face crazy humidity, but what else could you do?  I bet my husband would say gardening—he is so sad it hasn’t gotten hot enough for our tomatoes to turn red this year.  (It’s been a very cold summer, coldest in 40 or 50 years in California!)  I guess swim lessons count, unless it’s an indoor pool.  I don’t want you to be enclosed—I want you out in the open.  Either no walls or no ceiling and preferably neither.  There is something really great about being outside that I think we forget as we watch television or go to work or sit in a classroom. 

Let’s get as much from this last summer month as we can!!

So this is what we need to do:  1. Get outside2. Get moving.  3. Check in with yourself, and check in on Facebook.  That’s it!  You need to do #1 and #2 every day, but you can do #3 whenever it strikes your fancy.  Some people will do great at the daily check-in, some won’t check in at all. 

What should we call it?  August… doesn’t really rhyme with anything… hmm.  Alright; maybe I need some help on the title of our little adventure. 

August Adventures?  I’m not sure.    

Well, for now, since it’s already the second day of August, we’ll go with the working title of August Adventures 2010.  Start thinking about what you can do today, outside, to breathe in some quality fresh air and move your blood around a bit! 

If you have a better title, let me know.  Enjoy it out there today and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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