Happy September!

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So what the heck happened to August?  I had all these great intentions for sharing my 6 minutes of outside time with everyone every day but shoot; there THAT went in less than a blink.  I did end up changing my routine as a result of the challenge, though: now when I go to my law office, I park several blocks away and walk over.  It beats paying for a parking permit or getting a ticket!

I really enjoy the area I get to park in and I’ve met some of the animals in the area.  Most everyone is at work when I’m heading in, but when I head out everyone is home and playing with their kids in the bike-only streets.  Being outside really sets a nice mood for me after I’ve been at work!

Arthur the Cat lives someplace between where I park and where I work.

Since nearly everyone is back into their routine after summer vacations and school is back on, I was trying to think of some fun outside exercise activities that relate to the impending season change(Please note, particularly for my dear friend who shall remain nameless, that I understand technically summer is over on September 21st.  However, I am not so far out of school that I don’t remember the pain associated with September, so I’m saying “Fall” here in a very loose sense.   I beg your indulgence.)

Some ideas I had for some fall activities that I would consider exercise, inspired by a notion of Heaven:

  • Raking leaves
  • Picking apples (and carrying the bushel around)
  • Cool morning bike rides
  • Walking to school—a walk, not a mosey!
  • Biking to school to pick up your kids and then walking home together
  • Running or walking the football bleachers while waiting for the game to start
  • School walk-a-thons: donate to a kid’s school and ask if they would let you walk with them for a bit and double your donation for those miles/laps!

Just thinking about these activities is making me hungry for an apple.  I love a change in seasons!

I also should mention my best gadget for running in the darker hours: it is a baseball hat with LEDs in the brim.  It is the best!!!

The hat I got from www.gofastandlight.com-- I love it!

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  1. Peggy says:

    Did you see that the new version of the hats have three settings? 1, 2, or 3 lights (low, medium and high beam). I might have to break down this winter and get one.

  2. You won’t regret it. The 3-in-one is kind of strange only because I’m used to the brim-only version. I’m so behind! I’ve seen the 3-in-one and it’s pretty cool too!!! SO useful. Enjoy!

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