Let’s Hear it for Nat (or is it Kat?)

September 27th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Let me say this first: I have never seen an episode of the Amazing Race.  I know, I know, that is shameful to a lot of you, but still.  I haven’t ever seen it.

But I love the fact that last night I received three emails and my Facebook friends lit up the screen with messages about Nat Strand (or is it Kat Chang?) competing in the challenge.  And she has type one diabetes. 

And she checked at some point on camera and had a BG of 337.


That’s really the best part of the whole story, for me.  I wouldn’t question whether or not she “should” compete with type one, or whether her type one diabetes would affect how she performed, or any aspect of how challenging the balancing act might be for a type one competitor on Amazing Race.

We all do the blood sugar balancing act every day with everything we do… so why should a competition like the Amazing Race be any different?

But the joy I read on Facebook last night from all of my type one friends told me something.  It told me we are all searching for some type of validation that we are not alone with our struggles.

Logically, I know I’m not alone when I see the 300s and even the occasional 400s.  I know I’m not the only one who gets frustrated seeing what seem like endless 200s.  I know bouncing from 40 to 240 to 290 to 30 happens to all of us some time or another.

Yet something about seeing someone else, someone doing something active, exciting, and interesting and racing across the world while doing what we each do all day long AND seeing a 337 on her meter just makes me smile.

It made a lot of my friends smile, too.

I’m happy for Nat (?) that she got a place on the Race.  I’m happy that she has a good teammate (Kat?).  I’m happy that they both look like they are smart strong educated people and they are quick to smile. 

I’m really happy to see all of that and know that she hears the secret mental monologue too.   Mine never ends– does yours?

Go Team!!!

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  1. Wow Amy. I just checked out your website and blog (since you passed out your cards today at boot camp.) Very impressive. Being a blogger myself, I know the commitment it takes to write consistently. Have been enjoying all of your past posts. So happy to be in boot camp and learn a little more about you. See you tomorrow! ~ Sara

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