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December 9th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I use running as a form of meditation.  But not everyone loves every run.

So what happens when you HATE it but you’re out there anyway?  Runner’s World has some ideas.  I think they apply in any situation, not just when you’re running.  Shoot, I’ve used them while I wash the dishes or clean up my house.

  1. Think Small.  Run to the end of the block, or to the next tree, or just one more mile.  Whatever you choose, forget the big picture and set small goals.  Once you’ve reached that one, set another one.
  2. Repeat a Mantra.  I have a couple of them, and I’m not kidding “I hate this” has worked for me on a few occasions.  “Keep going” is a good one that I have used so much I put it on my Road I.D.  I ran a half marathon behind a woman who had penned on her shirt “Just keep swimming.”  No matter what, repeating something to yourself will help get you through.
  3. Visualize Success.  When running, you can think about something or someone painful in your life that you’ve conquered; visualizing yourself passing through that period can help you get some perspective on this measly little jaunt.
  4. Shift your Focus.  If you have a goal in mind, focus on the goal and the discomfort of running (when it is discomfort and not something more important like acute pain) will fall away.  I have used this when in the higher miles of a marathon: what do I want?  To finish.  Thinking of myself already past the finish line and knowing I have to earn that helped me keep going.

I can’t say any one of these made me a runner.  I can say that drawing on each of them at different times and knowing that they are there for me whenever I need them has made me a more relaxed person and more confident in myself and my abilities.

Seems like a pretty good tradeoff.

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