My, What a Long Needle You Have…

February 15th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I read a blurb that sent me on a quick trip down memory lane the other day.  Sigh.

Back about 23 years to when I was first diagnosed, then to 1995 when I first went on the pump, and then my first years at camp (1998) and the first time I met a MiniMed rep my age.

I used to use very long needles.  Here I was, 10 years old and 58 pounds and I’m sticking a big ole needle in my leg.  I cringe now when I reflect on it—thankfully it didn’t seem that big!

I know when I had to get up the gumption to inject that first time I said to myself that someone in that hospital had survived a knife wound—so that little needle in my hand wasn’t nearly as frightening as that.  (I still use that trick, believe it or not!  It’s all relative.)

Then I went on a pump and used the same kind of what now seems really long needle.  It wasn’t until I went to work at Bearskin Meadow Camp that I even knew shorter needles existed! 

(Why didn’t my doctors tell me?!!?  Who else could I possibly rely on to advise me?!)

The same holds true for my infusion sets.

The blurb I saw said that short needles can be used by any adults regardless of weight or gender, meaning they aren’t just for kids or those with a low BMI.  Check it out!  You may be like me and have to request your doctor change your prescription, but it might just be worth it

So skin is the same thickness no matter your girth.

Good to know!

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