(Like you need more reasons to exercise:) WORKING OUT IS GOOD FOR YOUR MIND

April 1st, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Exercise helps not only your physical body but your brain as well.  This means that not only can you look good strutting around the beach, you can sound smart too.  Beauty AND brains.  What a deal.

One main benefit of exercise (there truly are so many it’s hard to choose just one) is an increase in blood flow throughout your body.  When you’ve got more blood pumping around, some of it is bound to get all the way to your brain.  With an increase in blood flow through your brain, you will feel and be more alert and focused.  (Remember all those studies about kids being better students when they have recess?  Same thing.)

With increased blood flow to your brain, you are better able to preserve your brain tissue that starts to decline with age.  The use it or lose it mantra applies to your brain just like it applies to your body.  Similar to how a physical therapist moves paralyzed limbs to keep blood flowing through the limbs and preserve tissue, you need to use your brain and keep nutrient rich blood feeding your brain tissue in order to preserve that tissue.  Start it now, at any age, and keep it up for the sake of your mind!

You should want to treat your body better than you treat your car.  You can always buy a new car.  But a body?  A brain?  You only have one.  ONE.  For your ENTIRE LIFE. 

Living with diabetes, you know what happens when something in your body stops functioning the way it should.  Why risk the same thing with other organs like your brain and muscular and skeletal systems?  Please treat your body better than you treat your car.  Exercise can be so fun, and takes so little compared with its huge rewards.

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