A Weekend of Workouts

March 28th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I know some of you saw me posting on facebook all weekend long about the different lectures and workouts I attended at my fitness conference.  I hope it wasn’t annoying to you as I broadcast my activities every 90 minutes!

It was so fun. 

I had such a great time!

I did notice as the weekend progressed that my blood sugars were running higher than I expected during rest times, and I also saw my heart rate was higher than I expected it to be during the same periods.  

I was more exhausted than I thought! 

The adrenaline I must have relied on to keep me going as my physical energy dwindled workout after workout was making itself known.  When I’m at an event and I’m excited to be there and do whatever the activity is, sometimes I confuse the excitement and the adrenaline.  Seeing my blood sugars and heart rate rise cued me to recognize the adrenaline.

Dang!  I wish I could have the energy of the Energizer Bunny who can keep going and going and going.  I need to rest way more than I’d like.  (I have a lot of exciting things to do, thank you very much!  And it’s fun stuff!)  I know with absolute certainty that the exercise I do and the active life I lead gives me a great amount of energy that I probably wouldn’t last a moment without it.

 I still haven’t processed much of what I learned this weekend and many of the ideas that passed before my eyes I’m afraid continued through my brain and out: it is nearly impossible to retain all of that information and those ideas in such a concentrated amount of time.

But it was so much fun.

So I’m taking today off of exercise, and I might take tomorrow off as well.  I went back to bed after I got home from bootcamp this morning and re-woke at 11am.  My muscles are recovering, but this whole week I’m going to try and get extra sleep when I can.

I think I’ve probably earned it.

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