My Favorite Doctor Visit is Today!

March 29th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I was all set to blog this morning about diabetes and exercise and let me tell you, in case you haven’t noticed, I have a heck of a lot to say about it. But then I realized maybe you can relate to something I’ve got going on this morning that doesn’t have anything to do with exercise.  I’m curious now if you do!

So I’m all set, starting to write in my head what I have to say about exercise as I’m rushing around my house, trying to clean up because surprise the dinner we are having with friends tonight turns out will be at OUR house and wow I pretty much made it through the fitness convention weekend threw all my stuff on the ground and collapsed, and I’m rushing because I have a doctor’s appointment in a little over an hour and my house is a mess.

An hour. From now.

And I need to shower.  And get ready.  And my CGM is blaring at me that it wants me to calibrate.


But you know what?  Not one part of me is anxious about my doctor visit.  Why not?  Because I get to see my favorite type of doctor today.  All of my annual visits to all of the specialists (alright fine CGM you win I’ll go check right now)—so where was I—all of the specialists my life with diabetes requires me to see, and today is my favorite one.

It’s my favorite because I have the least anxiety when I see this doctor than any other doctor (dentist included).  It isn’t the personality of the actual professional (although my very first doctor did sing me the song every year that I later danced to with my husband at our wedding so that guy gets a gold star)—it’s the subject of the visit.

It’s my eye doctor!  (The song was “Once in Love With Amy” and I can still hear my original eye doctor warbling it to me in his office for the first time, 23 years ago.)

My dad has what I consider terrible vision, so the fact I have worn glasses since the seventh grade I kind of blame on him.  It’s nice to have a health-related something that I don’t think is related directly to my diabetes.

Very nice.

Amazing to think that if I didn’t have diabetes, I’d maybe see a general doctor once every two years.  Can you imagine?  But I’d still see an eye doctor, and I’d still see a dentist.  But the eye doctor doesn’t make horrid noises or make me spit, so the eye doctor would still win, hands down.

Sure, my eye doctor will ask me about my diabetes, and sure, she is checking for retinopathy and all sorts of other things that ARE related to my diabetes, but it’s still a different kind of visit for me.

It’s weird, but seeing my eye doctor almost makes me feel normal.  No wonder it’s my favorite!

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