Tired of Your Own Excuses?

May 4th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Do you ever listen to yourself and get tired of hearing your own excuses?  I do.  I’m not putting myself on any other level than anyone else on this: I think some days I accomplish perhaps more than some average bears only because I’m scared that my true laziness will someday be revealed!

I do get tired of my excuses though.  I get tired of pondering changes or worse yet knowing what steps to change I should make, having them even in order as to priority, and for some reason not making the changes.  Do you know what I’m talking about?

Not that me being tired of hearing them leads me to stop making the same excuses all the time.  (I told you, I’m just like everyone else when it comes to some things.)  Sometimes I need some time to get riled up enough at my own excuses that I make a change, take a step, and really get moving in the right direction.

So when someone else gets a bee in their bonnet about hearing excuses I have to laugh a little.  Because I understand: life is about choices, and we don’t always agree with the choices others around us have made.  (Stood next to a smoker lately?)  As a trainer, I am sometimes hired by a client who is trying to avoid their own excuses… or, rather, perhaps they want to tell the excuses to someone new.

I also love it when the bee in that bonnet has also been in MY bonnet, and has spurred me to say the same exact things that I’m hearing them say.  It makes me feel like I am doing the right thing with myself.

You can read the blog that I read if you want some additional reading today.  I like how the author moves from a complaint (hearing excuses) to an action plan (create a priority list)—one of my favorite transitions to make!  If you can complain about it, there is someone out there who can help you with an action plan to fix it.

If it is fitness-related, you already know someone you can call who can literally get you moving in the right direction.

If it’s health-related, you may have a team in place already and you can add me to your team for the day-to-day living you are working on.

No more excuses. 

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