23 Days

May 5th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Reading the Forecast article about Nat Strand, winner of the Amazing Race and fellow type one, I was irked by the mention that the show producers wouldn’t carry any additional supplies for Nat.  I’m not so sure they SHOULD have, but it bothers me anyway. 

Although, clearly, she and her partner Kat DID win, so no matter what the producers did or did not do to support Nat’s life with diabetes, Nat rocked them allSo there.

But it made me wonder how I would manage all my supplies for a 23 day trek around the world.  First of all, I probably wouldn’t do it.  I’m not that brave when it comes to world travelling, nor am I interested in the frantic competition I think Amazing Race probably feels like… I’m perfectly happy to stick to my own routines, hectic as they may seem (despite me never really travelling more than 50 miles from home).

It turns out, I don’t actually have in my house right now all the supplies I would want to take with me for 23 days.  I don’t have enough vials of insulin, despite the fact I have plenty of insulin.  If I didn’t know where I was going or where I’d end up but I knew I’d be out of touch with my doctor or pharmacy, I’d take a lot extra!!  If I didn’t know I’d be someplace Medtronic and FedEx could reach within 24 hours, I’d take a lot more syringes and some long-acting insulin (turns out I don’t have any of even that in my fridge; shame—or something—on me).

And I’d take about triple the test strips I currently possess.  And an additional meter and a heck of a lot of batteries for all of the assorted gadgets.  (I would estimate I’d check 12-16 times a day… at least, that’s what I do when I’m sick or something is really crazy.)

(I probably wouldn’t bring the blue ruler, though: that was just for those who don’t know what any of this stuff is because they aren’t on pumps.)

Still, if I had only one backpack that needed to carry all of my supplies AND all the low food I’d want, AND a significant supply of food to carry me through the crazy places Amazing Race sends people, I think I’d go ahead and just wear the same outfit for the entire 23 days.

Priorities, people.

What would you bring if you were to prepare for 23 days out in the world??

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  1. MaiaJane says:

    In October, I’m leaving for Europe for about 9 months, and am working out a plan with my doctor to get an EU prescription for the OmniPod, Insulin and test strips….but I’m still working on what I’ll do about DexCom and other supplies!

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