Have Some Schooltime Fun! (Yeah; I said it. Fun and School in the same sentence.)

August 24th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I know.  We’re all sad to see the end of summer.  It usually hits like a ton of bricks… WHAM all of a sudden there are spiders and orange webs in the grocery store and two foot long cardboard pencils in store windows.


So how about making some of those puckerface school lemons into exercise lemonade?  Try out some schoolyard fun after you pick up your son or daughter some afternoon…or a walk over to a schoolyard on a weekend day for a little Family Fun Time!

Everybody grab a soccer ball and put it in between your knees.  (Little kids may fare better with a rubber ball instead.)  Keep the ball between your knees as you play tag!

Head to the high school track.  Bring a whistle you can hear for a good distance.  Your son or daughter gets to blow the whistle as you jog around the track (or field)—when they blow the whistle, you SPRINT until they blow it again.  Great way to fit in some awesome intervals!!  Make up fun and silly ways to walk or run for when it’s their turn to go around the track… you blow the whistle for them as they alternate between jogging and crazy walking!

If you’ve got a youngster learning to read: grab one of their books with at least two repeating words… or a poem.  Something that you can assign a different exercise to each word.  (Sam = jumping jacks; Green = flat on your stomach; Eggs = squats)  When the little one reads the word, you do the corresponding exercise.  You can each read for each other!

For the older ones, make it a competition.  Find an empty basketball court and set a kitchen timer for one minute.  See how many times you can run the width of the court (back and forth) in a minute.  Aim for 18 times in a minute.  While you rest, your kid tries to beat your number!  Try it a couple times and I’m sure you’ll both be sweaty messes.

Really, any time you are spending with your son or daughter and you put THEM in charge of something YOU do is a great time in their world.

We all just love to be in charge, don’t we?  Make exercise FUN for EVERYONE!!

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