Who Is On Your Dream Team?

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It’s common knowledge I think by now that the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial) determined in the early 1990s that the tighter control we have over our blood glucose levels the fewer microvascular complications we face.  Woot for that one.

The best control was achieved by those with “Intensive Diabetes Management.”  More specifically, it “requires careful follow-up to monitor progress toward individualized goals and support to reinforce management skills and personal efforts.”

Okay.  So it would seem that one physician requesting I come back in three months and get another A1c done would be far less than the Intensive Diabetes Management I could use to keep me at my healthiest.

Nope.  I need a TEAM!

The successful teams in the DCCT included “physicians, nurses, dietitians, and behavioral scientists with special interest and training in the management of diabetes.”

Why all these people? They say”this core membership reflects the basic requirements of diabetes treatment: nutrition, medication, self-monitoring, and self-management.”

It apparently really does take a village.

Didn’t you kind of suspect that already?

So I’m starting to work on my fantasy Diabetes Dream Team.  Mainly fantasy rather than reality because I don’t think I can afford a real Dream Team, and I haven’t met enough superstar professionals with attitudes I love when it comes to my diabetes.  (Not to mention I’d rather spend my time exercising or reading or shoot nearly anything than sitting in doctors’ offices meeting all potential Team members.)

So I need a Doctor for my Diabetes Dream Team.  I have a couple in the running.  One of them is a type one herself who I’ve known for years.  She’d be great, but I think a little intimidating to me.  That’s not a problem, but it must be considered when it comes to choosing my Dream Team members. 

Another one is all over the bedside manner and inspirational side of things, but I’m not super clear how well he knows the deets of my diabetes.  So maybe I’m shooting for a hybrid of knowledge and personality. 

Next up I need a nurse.  I’m totally putting on some of my friends I met at Bearskin Meadow Camp way back when, before they had even finished their undergraduate degrees.  They’ve lived with diabetes themselves or with siblings or spouses.  They know where it’s at.

Ooh; dieticians come next!  That one may be difficult.  I kind of need a personal chef more than I need a dietician.  Hey; what about that guy from Top Chef who has type one?  Maybe he’d go become a dietician for me and then sign onto the team as Dietician and Head Chef.  Maybe he’d do my grocery shopping.  THAT would be cool.  I’d need a lot of vegetables and not many potato chips and some good lean protein options every day every time I was
hungry or needed to eat.
  I think this one is probably the hardest spot to fill on my Dream Team.  I’ve got to keep thinking.  (And maybe keep saving my money so I can hire a personal chef.)

As for the mental health professionals, that’s probably the easiest spot for me to fill.  I sort of think I’ve personally trained my therapist in living with diabetes I’ve seen her so long and talked about my diabetes so much.  So she’s sort of a shoe-in.

HEY; that means I’ve already got one of my Dream Team spots filled in real life!!  AWESOME!!!

Of course, if I’ve got my Team working on my diabetes, it may leave me some extra time in my day.  I can think of so many things I could do if I weren’t the only one in charge of figuring out my diabetes!

Wait; if I’m living in a dream world I might as well hire Martha Stewart to clean my house.  Then I’d have even more time!

I could get used to this!

Who would you put on your Diabetes Dream Team roster?

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  1. KG says:

    My first draft pick? Dr Joe!

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