George and Gracie and My Pump Stuff

September 20th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I try and provide readers of this blog interesting, insightful, and informative material every day.  I also try to keep the posts under 500 words since I’m fairly certain I just am not that interesting and I don’t want to hold anyone hostage.

Having said this, I understand that they can’t all be winners.

Like today, for example.  I read through some of my usual sites and blogs for tidbits of information I could expound upon… and literally fell asleep.   

So I reflected back further into my morning and remembered something that made me smile.  So I’m going to write about how my cats deal with my diabetes.

(I absolutely know you have some pet stories to share too and I expect to hear them.  Please share!!)

I have two kitten loves: Gracie and George.  G&G are now almost 9 years old!  Can’t believe that.  They are litter mates and the best kittens ever.

Sitting in the sunshine; what a way to live!

George is stretched out and Gracie is on the right

Gracie is the best player I’ve ever seen.  She either wants to play or she wants to sit on her white bath mat or she wants to sleep curled up at my husband’s pillow.  Unless she’s playing, she will start to purr when we come close to kiss her. 

George is what the vet called “juicy” and “food-driven”.  If he had an opposable thumb he would rule the world (if it would get him a cheeseburger).  He is a funny guy and is thrilled when one of us sits down and he can sit on our laps for roughly four hours before he has to move.  Of course, if it’s 5:00am or 5:00pm that means dinner so he’s there staring at me by 4:55 every day, twice a day. 

This morning I watched Gracie stick her head into our bathroom trash can, root around very briefly, and emerge with the wrapper from my pump reservoir.  She absolutely loves those things!  She takes them all over the house—currently she has several of them under our bed and likes to chew on them while we try to sleep.  I’m very impressed that she could select it out of the trash so delicately.  She is a little raccoon.

How cute is this girl?!

George knows how to best wake me up in the morning if I’m sleeping past 5am (BREAKFAST!).  He tries to purr and meow and stand on me and even jump on me from the headboard.  But he knows there is one thing he can do that will sit me up out of bed faster than anything else.  He usually tries the other tactics first, but after his patience has been exhausted, he goes in.  He sticks his head under the covers, finds my pump, and starts to open his mouth near the pump cord.  I know that I have no time before he chews the cord in two and I’m stuck replacing the whole set.  He’s only done it once, when he was a very young kitten, but he is so smart he knows what works.

George doing his job of inspecting each box that comes in.

Animals are the greatest, aren’t they?

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  1. Juliana says:

    So cute! They have so much personality, kitties are the best.

    Mine owns me, too. She knows how to get me to do anything. Sixteen years ago I started her out sleeping in a separate room. Then she moved to a towel at the foot of the bed. Then to the (once barred) pillow next to me. Now she takes her half of the bed out of the middle. Soon I’ll be sleeping at the foot of the bed.

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