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November 29th, 2010 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

Can’t believe it has been four whole days without a blog from me, can you. 

I have an online diary/ tracker that tells me what I’ve done each day for exercise.  I think I started it in late 2008 or maybe it was late 2007.  Anyway, it tells me what is going on.  I like it.

Looking at my tracker helps me know what I’m missing, and keeps me on track to keep me fit and healthy, and if I’m lucky it helps me stay injury free.  (Injuries suck and I want to avoid them.)

Since I try here to share wisdom I’ve either gathered for myself or I’ve tried to learn from others, I’m happy to have seen a Runner’s World article from March (yes I know that was 8 months ago; I save all of my RWs!) 2010 about how to stay active and healthy.  Many of the items are running-specific, but some of them apply to any and all activities.  I’ve edited the list and added my own take:

  1. Know your limits.

I can’t work out every day at the same intensity.  No one can.

  1. Listen to your body.

Your body, as you know, has something to say 100% of the time.  Sometimes it’s just a steady hum, sometimes it’s a gentle prod, sometimes it is an ice pick in the shin with each step.  Whatever your body is telling you, you need to listen.

  1. Nix negative thoughts.

If you can figure out how to stop the “can’t” and the “wah” and the “won’t” and the “bad” and the “gross” or the “weak” or whatever it is and substitute in a “now” and a “try” and a “go” and a “work” and a “yay” and a “phew” and a “yes” and a “push” and a “good” you will be so much better off in every area of your life.  Try it.  Please.

  1. Find an outlet. 

Seek out what boosts your spirits and perform those activities rather than something that drags you down.  Nobody who knows anything wants you to do something that drains you emotionally without finding something that will regenerate your emotional wellbeing.  (Ha!  Not that we know what “well-being” means…) Exercise spurs endorphins for you… if you find the right thing for YOU.  It’s worth finding what that is.

  1. Seek out support.

Find friends who exercise and use them.  Use them for cheers and for venting.  If you want support, you need to seek some out.  Have you ever tried complaining to a non-exerciser about not being able to make it to the gym yesterday?  That blank look is just as bad as the “you’re crazy” response.  Find others who can relate to your goals and support you reaching them.  You are worth it.

Reviewing the list, I think it could apply to nearly every area of our lives and not just exercise.  Cool.

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