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I really do try and not preach at you in my blog.  It’s one of my rules: I don’t want to be someone I wouldn’t want to hang out with… and I don’t ever feel like being preached at so I try to avoid preaching… I really do.


Maybe today will sound like I’m preaching.  I just really like this idea, and have had nothing but positive responses to the idea in practice.  I think it would be a great thing for you to try, too.

It’s a holiday lights walk.  (Or a holiday lights run, whichever floats your boat.)

I set an arbitrary day (December 15) and an arbitrary time (5:30pm…it’s dark out but it is early enough to get home in time for dinner but not so late as to interfere with dinner by too much) and an arbitrary place to meet (for me, at a neighborhood park).  I am inviting everyone I know and everyone I meet.

I asked them to show up at the park wearing light and reflective clothing, a Santa hat if they want, and bring a flashlight.  I’m going to hand out jingle bells on safety pins so they can attach the bells to their shoelaces.


I know some streets that have awesome light displays and I mapped out a route using gmaps pedometer that would take us through some of the best streets.  For the walk, I mapped out a little less than 3 miles.  For the run, I mapped out a little less than 6 miles.  Most groups can do this mileage in an hour.

Last night, I pre-ran the route to double check that it was as safe as a nighttime run can be: I looked at the condition of the sidewalk, the traffic, where the stop signs are, all that jazz.  I was really surprised at how fun the route felt, even by myself.  I don’t know how it happened, but it felt like the entire way was a little bit downhill.  (And there are two hills I know I travelled, so I’m even more confused!)

I’ve been safety pinning the jingle bells while I watch TV. 

Did I mention I’m excited about this?

Here is where I may start to preach: this was really REALLY easy to plan.  You can absolutely plan the same exact thing in your neighborhood, and I think you should. 

I know a lot of people won’t be able to make it.  I figure even if one other person can come, we’ll have fun.  So grab your friend.  Grab your coworkers.  Grab people you know from church or book club.  Set the time, be clear about where to meet and what to wear and bring, and then get out there and enjoy the holiday sights!

And if you’re in my neck of the woods, come join us!!

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  1. Soyeun says:

    Oh Amy, you rock! And you’re not preachy! You’re enthusiastic. Everyone needs a) good ideas and b) passion behind them to promote!

    Thank you!

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