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January 28th, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I was driving home this morning and listening to the radio; they had an ad about refinancing a home.  I thought about a couple people I could recommend this specific place to, saying I had heard their ad on the radio and if all were what it seemed, it could be a good deal.

But then I realized neither homeowner I had in mind would be very receptive to such a comment, and it made me curious.  I know as we get older some things become more and more taboo among friends for some reason. 

I may know it, but I don’t have to like it.

And then I thought of my friends with type one diabetes.  I don’t think anything is taboo with them.

They have an instant place in my heart where there isn’t any judgment—really; there isn’t.  No one asks questions that require explanation about a certain number, no one really even asks much at all: we each know what the daily struggles are and the ins and outs and in betweens.

It isn’t to say my other friends aren’t a million loads of support to me (seriously I wouldn’t want to make it through my day without them!) or to say that I ever want my health to be taboo.

I just want to acknowledge that living with diabetes is a pretty individual thing and someone who doesn’t live with it doesn’t always understand what it feels like—from the inside.

So my hats off and hugs around each of you who I know and each of you whom I don’t yet know.  You’re doing an awesome job being, well, awesome and living really great lives with diabetes.

You rock.

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