I Don’t Know How You Do It

January 31st, 2011 by Amy Gonsalves Leave a reply »

I know many areas of the country are feeling badly pummeled by the weather gods these days, and all I can say is: my hat is off to you.

I’ve lived in California since I was three years old.  Yes, it’s expensive to live here, and yes it gets hectic at times, but I can tell you this: I don’t know how you do it anyplace else.

I mean, really?!  I whine at 39 degrees or a drizzly rain.  (It is incredibly rare that both of those occur simultaneously.)  A cloudy or overcast day puts me in a sad mood.  I don’t know what it would be like to talk about “teens” or “wind chill” or any other such phrases I thankfully know nothing about.

I’m incredibly impressed by the ways you people in other parts of the world stay active during winter.  (Oh, and no way am I pardoning those of you who use the weather as an excuse to avoid being active.  Not a chance!)

I figure you do it by joining a gym where you can use the machines or brave the winter weather when it’s feasible to do so.  In fact, I have a friend who recently completed an indoor marathon… that was 95 times around an indoor track (larger than a traditional quarter mile track).  I can’t even sing from 99 bottles of beer on the wall to 95 bottles; much less from 95 to one!  Yikes.

If I lived someplace that experienced crazy cold temperatures (and yes I do wonder these things) I know I’d get myself outfitted for running in snow.  I’m not sure what all that would take, but I’d do it.  And I’d get myself a set of snowshoes.  I like snowshoeing.  And I’d join a gym so I could get treadmill time.  I like running intervals on a treadmill! 

Aside from that, I’d likely keep at my home workout routines.  I just wouldn’t open the doors for fresh air while I worked out.  I guess I’d maybe have a basement and set up something in there and exercise in my basement.  (I don’t understand basements, either, as a result of my California living.)

That basement thing would be kind of fun.

I know I wouldn’t worry so much about the bozos running and walking in the mornings as I drive to bootcamp.  (I call them bozos because I can’t tell you how many of them wear navy hooded sweatshirts; come on!  Help me out a little and help me see you!!)  I don’t think the bozos would make it out in the snow, and if they did I would probably see them better against the whiteness.

Then again, I wouldn’t be doing bootcamp the same way either.  D.O. it Bootcamp! is outside every day no matter what.  It is awesome; I love that!  We have some rain shelter but that doesn’t mean I don’t make my participants run in the rain.  (I’m kind like that.)  We all go home and shower anyway, so what’s the difference if we get a little damp?

Again, it isn’t always comfortable, but holy cow it is balmy compared to many parts of the world right now.  Yeesh.

Although, it isn’t Hawaii either.  (Now that is someplace I could hang!)

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